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S40 & A40 Sprint

S40 & A40 SPRINT

S40 & A40 SPRINT made to measure, the ideal combination of speed and ease of use.

Customised speed
The Pro-Line SPRINT is a unique combination of speed and the ease of use of the standard Pro-Line overhead door. This extremely fast overhead door combines all the advantages of the traditional overhead door and a high-speed door in a single system. The SPRINT is specifically designed as a fast overhead door. Reducing the time the door is open makes it possible to achieve major energy savings. The SPRINT is perfectly suited for installation in the outside wall. The SPRINT can be tailored to your specific wishes. The SPRINT is supplied in two versions, the S40 SPRINT and the A40 SPRINT.


This version is built from 40 mm steel sandwich panels finished in standard RAL 9002. The panels are 366 mm high and are embossed on the outside WITHOUT lining. The inside is smooth and is lined. The maximum section height of 366 mm guarantees stability and long life. The S40 SPRINT is an extremely robust door, suitable for both interior and exterior use. For your safety, the S40 SPRINT can be fitted with A40 transparent sections at a surcharge. The panels can be supplied sprayed in a RAL color at a surcharge.


This version is built from anodised 40 mm aluminium sections. The sections are a maximum 370 mm high to guarantee optimum movement. The high-quality aluminium profiles make the door strong and stable. Various transparent or blank fillings are possible. The acrylic fillings make the door transparent, which benefits safety and visual properties. The A40 SPRINT is an aesthetically pleasing door that improves the appearance of your external wall. The high-quality components guarantee a long and problem-free life. The sections can be supplied powder coated in a RAL colour at a surcharge.

SPRINT Characteristics

The opening speed of the SPRINT is up to five times faster than a standard electrically operated overhead door.

To guarantee the safe and problem-free operation of the SPRINT at these speeds, we only use high-quality materials and components.

The typical characteristics of the S40 and A40 SPRINT are:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • The SPRINT is designed for both interior and exterior use
  • ONLY high-quality materials and components are used
  • When installing in an exterior wall, you do not need to install any additional high-speed door!
  • Opening speed 1000 mm per second
  • Section height of a maximum 370 mm ensuring the SPRINT negotiates the bend with very little resistance
  • Due to the maximum section height of 370 mm, the SPRINT is also extremely stable and strong
  • Double tandem rollers for smooth operation and a long life
  • Always fitted with a solid 1 ¼” shaft
  • High-quality bearings combined with specially developed bearing plates
  • SPECIAL tube support system for maximum stability
  • Springs standard 50,000 cycles
  • Frequency-controlled drive with soft start and soft stop
  • Specially amended control system
  • Many options available to ensure the door functions optimally, including radar and pull switch
  • Light curtain for optimum safety
  • Available with three guide rail systems: Normal system, High lift, and Vertical lift


The SPRINT is extremely suited for installation in the outside wall to replace the combination overhead door/high-speed door. Because the SPRINT is available with various guide rail systems, its installation is comparable to that of a standard overhead door. The SPRINT is reliable and easy to use and can therefore be used in numerous locations.

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