Side doors with aluminum frame


Easy access to your garage

For most of our doors, we deliver side doors in aluminum frames the same design and pattern.

Do you need an entrance door for your garage? We can deliver your door in the same design as the garage door. How to create an overall impression of the garage? One of the benefits of a stainless steel door is that it is very stable, – and this is very important – in extremes of the Norwegian climate. A door made in stainless steel will not shrink or expand when the air is humid or dry. It is also an advantage to have a door in the garage in case of power loss or if the motor for the automatic door opener stops working so that you have easy access to the garage to open garage door manually from the inside.

Width in cm: 080/090/100 Height in cm: 200/210

Examples of side doors

The doors are delivered with a lock casing and cylinder lock and door handle as standard. The frame is made of aluminum.

NOTE! Please give us the direction of the panel when ordering.